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1. Create the following three directories for your project in your team account. mkdir jakarta-tomcat-5/webapps/my_project/ mkdir jakarta-tomcat-5/webapps/my_project/WEB-INF/ mkdir jakarta-tomcat-5/webapps/my_project/WEB-INF/classes jakarta-tomcat-5/webapps/test_project/WEB-INF/classes 2. Move your Java files into the my_project/WEB-INF/classes directory. 3. Move your web application description file (web.xml) into the my_project/WEB-INF directory. 4. If you have any html files, move them into the my_project directory. 5. Add the CLASSPATH in the .login file in your team account. setenv CLASSPATH .:\/opt/local/lib/java:$HOME/jakarta-tomcat-5/common/lib/ servlet-api.jar:$HOME/jakarta-tomcat-5/webapps/my_project/WEB-INF/classes: $HOME/jakarta-tomcat-5/common/lib/ setenv CLASSPATH .:\/opt/local/lib/java:$HOME/jakarta-tomcat-5/common/lib/
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Unformatted text preview: servlet-api.jar:$HOME/jakarta-tomcat-5/webapps/test_project/WEB-INF/classes: $HOME/ jakarta-tomcat-5/common/lib/ 4. Log out your account and log back in. 5. Compile your Java files. javac jakarta-tomcat-5/webapps/my_project/WEB-INF/classes/ javac jakarta-tomcat-5/webapps/my_project/WEB-INF/classes/ javac jakarta-tomcat-5/webapps/test_project/WEB-INF/classes/ 6. Restart the web server and the DVD library should be available at: jakarta-tomcat-5/bin/ jakarta-tomcat-5/bin/
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