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Supplemental Oxygen The simplest oxygen delivery system consists of providing a constant flow (Q) to a nasal catheter. Since the subject inhales and exhales oxygen flow during expiration is lost. If we assume inhalation and exhalation durations are equal. The following mass balance equation can be written for net oxygen delivered to the lungs: Inputs: Q*(1.0)*0.5 = oxygen delivery from oxygen source assuming ½ is lost in
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Unformatted text preview: expiration and 100% oxygen is used and all . 0.21*(Vin-Q*.5)=oxygen inhaled Output: FIO2*Vin where FIO2 is the net inspired oxygen fraction Equating the two FIO2*Vin=Q*(1.0)*0.5 + .21*(Vin-Q*.5) For example: Vin for a normal adult under resting conditions is 8 liters/min, Q=1.0l/min FIO2=(.5+.21*7.5)/8 = 0.26...
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