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Respiration Section HW#1 1. The Thumper( is a CPR(cardiopulmonary resuscitation) device driven by compressed gas. Gas pressure is used to drive a piston which compresses the chest of a subject and gas is discharged to the atmosphere during de-compression. Compressed gas from a cylinder usually starts at a pressure of about 1800-3000 psi and will fall to 14.7 psi(atmospheric pressure at sea level) when used up. The listed gas utilization rate is 45 liters/minute at 20 deg C, dry, at sea level. A) Compare how long it will take to drain a full tank of gas of oxygen(M60 aluminum cylinder, 1699 liters capacity –sea level and 20 deg C) and a 20 pound carbon dioxide cylinder(filled with 20 pounds of CO2 at sea level and 20 deg C). Both cylinders are close in size and weight (23.2 lb for M60 and 27 lb for CO2)when empty. B) Compare tank weights when filled to capacity. Hint: Assume ideal gas laws hold and the tank is also at 20 deg C. Under STPD(standard temperature-0 deg C, standard
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