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BME 403 Physiological Systems (3) Fall 2009 8-9:20 MW SLH 102 Instructor: Stanley Yamashiro, Ph. D. Office Hrs: 7-7:50 11-11:50 MW TA: Textbooks (Required): Respiratory Physiology: The Essentials J.B West, 8 th Edition, Cardiovascular Physiology, M.N. Levy and A.J. Pappano, 9 th Edition, Renal Physiology, B. M. Koeppen and B.A. Stanton, 4 th Edition Handout notes: Muscle section Aug 24(M) Course Introduction-Ch 1 West Structure and Function 26(W) Ch 2 Ventilation 31(M Ch 3 Diffusion Sept 2(W Ch 4 Blood Flow and Metabolism 7(M) Holiday 9W) Ch 5 Ventilation-perfusion 14M) Ch 6 Gas Transport by the Blood 16W) Ch 7 Mechanics of Breathing 21M) Ch 8 Control of Breathing 23W) Ch 9 Respiratory System Under Stress 28(M) Exam 1 30(W) Muscle-Statics Oct 5(M) Dynamics 7W) Sliding Filament Theory 12(M)
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Unformatted text preview: Excitation Contraction Coupling 14(W) Exam 2 19(M) Levy-Pappano, Ch 1, Overview 21(W) Ch 2 Electrical Activity 26M) Ch 4 Cardiac Pump 28W) Ch 5 Regulation of the Heartbeat Nov 2(M Ch 6 Hemodynamics, Ch 6 Arterial System 4(W) Microcirculation, Ch 8 Peripheral Circulation 9 (M) Ch 10 Control of Cardiac Output 11(W Exam 3 16M) Koeppen and Stanton, Ch 2, Structure and Function 18W) Ch 3 Glomerular Filtration 23(M) Ch 4 Renal Transport 25(W) Ch 5 Water Balance, Ch 6 NaCl Balance 30M) Ch 7 Potassium Balance, Ch 8 Acid Base Balance Dec 2(W) Exam 4 Grading: Exams(No final exam!) with the following weights 10/29 exam 1, 5/29 exam2, 8/29 exam3, 6/29 exam4 exams are 90% of the grade, assignments are 10% of the grade...
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