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Mgmt Comm - Interview & Discussion-2 - MANAGEMENT...

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MANAGEMENT COMMUNICATION Interview and Class Discussion WRIT 340 - Prof. Hubbard The purpose of this assignment is for you to work collaboratively with two or more classmates to obtain information from working professionals. Specifically, you will identify and contact professionals in your field and talk with them about the subjects below. We will use their comments and experience to discuss current business practices. In addition, we will discuss how to use their information as references for documents, meetings and presentations. ASSIGNMENT You should form a group with two other classmates and exchange your contact information (your telephone number and/or e-mail address). Then, identify at least one trend and ethical issue related to your field. Each of you should find at least one professional in your field. These will be your Contacts, and you should discuss the following subjects with them: 1. Trends What do your Contacts think about the trends you have identified? How do your Contacts stay informed about trends in their industry?
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Mgmt Comm - Interview & Discussion-2 - MANAGEMENT...

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