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Trend Analysis Assignment - TREND ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT WRIT...

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TREND ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT WRIT 340 – Prof. Hubbard A firm’s potential within the marketplace is dependent upon its ability to recognize and respond to business or societal trends. It is our responsibility as business leaders to identify those trends, develop strategies to pursue opportunities related to them, and communicate our ideas to others in such a way that they will be motivated to support them. The main purpose of this assignment is for you to write a letter that clearly communicates your ideas related to: Identifying and analyzing a specific business trend that affects a specific firm or organization, and finding applications to the specified firm or organization. Making a recommendation that is supported by evidence and persuades others to take specific actions in response to the trend. CONTEXT You are a consultant in ABS Consultants, a consulting firm that has years of experience advising companies about customer relations, marketing, and management practices. Last year, Allstate Insurance Company implemented a web-based sales system based on a recommendation from your firm. Now, Allstate’s CEO wants your firm to propose a response to a current trend, and your manager, Barry Taylor (Managing Director) has asked you to develop a specific recommendation for Allstate. Your response should be prepared as a letter to Allstate’s CEO Edward Liddy (Allstate Insurance Company, 11860 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568), and given to Barry Taylor with a transmittal memo for his input and agreement before it is sent. ASSIGNMENT You should choose a trend that is directly related to your field of study (your concentration or major). And, you may select another company or organization instead of Allstate as the client,
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Trend Analysis Assignment - TREND ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT WRIT...

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