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Homework 2: BME 302L, Spring 2009 Due: Tuesday March 3 Preview accepted Tuesday February 24 Exercise 1 (10 points): From Floyd Textbook, Chapter 3 (pp. 155-161), problem 30. Exercise 2 (10 points): Download from the BME 302 blackboard website the multisim circuit “TSP03-47”. Use probes to determine if there is a fault in the circuit. If you find a fault, replace the faulty component and show proper operation. Use screenshots with measurement instruments or probes to explain your answer. Exercise 3 (10 points): From Floyd Textbook, Chapter 3 (pp. 155-161), problem 43. The design should be ± 10% relative to the requirements mentioned in the problem. Choose a Zener diode from those listed on page 112 (1N4728 – 1N4764). Choose a source resistor for your design and evaluate the power rating for the source resistor (resistors are typically rated ¼ W, ½ W, 1 W, 5W. ..) After you have designed your circuit, simulate it with Multisim. Use a potentiometer in place of the resistor. (Your choice of the potentiometer resistance should be based on the requirements of the
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