homework 4 - bme 302 2009

homework 4 - bme 302 2009 - Homework 4: BME 302L, Spring...

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Homework 4: BME 302L, Spring 2009 Due: Tuesday March 24 Preview accepted Tuesday March 10 Problem 1 (15 points): Build the circuit shown below using Multisim. It uses a PNP transistor and the mode of bias identified as “voltage divider bias”. Three ammeters and one voltmeter are used to read the values of the transistor currents and the base voltage. 1. Calculate the base voltage V B as the voltage of the voltage divider formed by R 3 and R 4 , that is neglecting the base current of the transistor. 2. Use this value of V B to determine, V E , I E , I C , V C and I B for the circuit. 3. Run the simulator and read with the meters the three currents. Compare with the calculated values, that is determine the % relative error 100*(simulated value-calculated value)/simulated value Determine the transistor beta as I C /I B. Compare the simulated V B to the value calculated in 1. 4. Right click on the transistor. Select on the menu “Properties”, “Edit model” and change the parameter Bf from 180.7 to 300. Then select “Change part model”. Bf is the “ideal” beta parameter for the transistor which is now increased to 300. Run the simulation and compare the 1
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transistor currents for the increased Bf to those found for the original value of Bf. Which
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homework 4 - bme 302 2009 - Homework 4: BME 302L, Spring...

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