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project bme 302 L 2009 - ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH BME 302L...

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ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH BME 302L PROJECT – SPRING 2009 I Purpose and background You will design and test an electronic circuit that amplifies and filters the electric activity of the heart at the surface of the body (the ECG), and generates a "clean" waveform that can be displayed on the oscilloscope. In your circuit, the ECG is sensed with ECG electrodes and amplified using an instrumentation amplifier followed by an op-amp single-ended amplifier. High frequency noise originates from muscle activity and ac interference at 60 Hz. Low frequencies noise originates from breathing, limb movements, etc. These noise sources pollute the ECG. Commercial electrocardiographs include a high pass filter, a low pass filter, and a 60 Hz narrow-band (notch) filter. Your system must include the high pass and the low pass filters to remove most of the artifacts in the signal. 2 System requirements Power supply: available: ! 15 V. Battery power ( ! 12 V) is required for human testing. Batteries will be made available for the human tests . ECG electrodes: conventional AgCl bioelectrodes; available. Differential amplifier: 3 op-amp instrumentation amplifier + op-amp single-ended amplifier " Instrumentation amplifier (built with three 741 operational amplifiers) " Op-amp single-ended amplifier (can be inverting or non-inverting) " Design issues: gain for each amplification stage. Instrumentation amplifier gain should be between approximately 20. Single-ended amplifier should have an adjustable gain between 10 and 100.
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This note was uploaded on 09/03/2009 for the course BME 302L taught by Professor Maarek during the Fall '08 term at USC.

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project bme 302 L 2009 - ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH BME 302L...

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