lab 5 2009 zener diode - zener regulator

lab 5 2009 zener diode - zener regulator - LAB 4: ZENER...

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AB 4: Z ENER D IODE AND Z ENER R EGULATOR I Purpose The laboratory has two objectives: 1. To measure the voltage-current curve (characteristic) of a zener diode; 2. To build and test a zener voltage regulator; Recall that the zener diode is used reverse-biased. The zener conducts current only when the bias voltage V B (the voltage applied to the zener) is larger than the zener knee voltage V ZK (a property of the zener). Above V ZK , the zener current increases sharply for small changes of V B . Zener diodes are often used as voltage regulators. In such applications, the zener diode maintains a load voltage nearly constant although the supply voltage varies. The load resistance must remain within certain limits for the regulator to operate properly. II: Zener Diode Characteristics You will be using a 1N4736 zener diode (V ZK = 6.8 V). In the lab, you will experimentally measure some of the parameters and compare your measurements to the nominal data for the zener. Prelab: Consider the circuit below that uses a 1N4736 zener diode. 1. Find the parameters V ZT , I ZT , Z ZT , I ZK for this diode in the data sheet (use the information given for the 1N4736A). 2. Compute the smallest zener voltage V ZK that maintains voltage regulation (assume that Z ZT is a constant). 3. Use this result to find the smallest value of V S (V SK ) that maintains voltage regulation. 4. For this 500 mW diode, what is the largest value of V S (V SM ) that can be used without damaging the diode. 1
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lab 5 2009 zener diode - zener regulator - LAB 4: ZENER...

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