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CTCS 466 August 30, 2007 Movie: “The Nines” Q&A with Director John August - attended the “Star Program” at USC - wrote unused screenplay for a Wrinkle in Time - First movie was “Go” - Was approached to rewrite Blue Streak - Wrote 4 movies, directed 1 - Part 2 of the Nines is John August as a director - Avid video gamer, shows in his movie the Nines - Movie has ‘internal rhyme’ - Budget. They tried to use a smaller “footprint” and got rid of all the big white trucks so the could focus on the scene more and less on more frivolous things - Used different films to shoot each part to give each its effect - Part 1 was shot with Super-16
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Unformatted text preview: film, part 2 was a standard def 24p video cam because it was lke filming a reality show segment, part 3 was filmed using standard 35mm film-Colors play a role in creating “warm (reds,oranges” or “cold (blue,greens) feelings-Screenwriter is all his own actors-Don’t tell an actor the line if they miss, tell them how to improve it-Shot of city and ocean is from a helicopter to cgi over the ocean-Start at indie theaters then go from there-Clear all rights to music before the shooting happns-Buying a TV commercial would cost more than the budget of the whole movie-Producers: CEO’s of the movie...
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