CTCS466nov8 - CTCS 466 November 8 2007 Movie"Enchanted...

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CTCS 466 November 8, 2007 Movie: “Enchanted” … Opening - immersive experience – where it felt like you are really in the picture (Beowulf) - “inbetweener” <- started being used in the 20s and 30s, when animation was starting to become an assembly line process, they started dividing up the work. Inbetweener would do all the frames in between say if there is a punch, the animator will draw the beginning of the punch and the end, the inbetweener does all the frames “in between” - Series Silly Symphonies -> walt Disney - Struggled early on, sold advertising film sto a local theater, teamed up with an artist, dsfsdf eyeworx? Moves to LA, sells a series calledthe alice series, reverse of what max Fleischer was doing, did those for a couple of years, opened up a studio, then he sold a series called Oswald the lucky rabbit? He went back to the distributor and asked for a raise, the distributor said he’d give him a cut and he signed all his animators and said he’d take them away from him, so he rode the train back to California, and the legend goes is that he invented micky mouse and he and of eyeworx w/e started that shit. Went to MGM, everyone turned it down.
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CTCS466nov8 - CTCS 466 November 8 2007 Movie"Enchanted...

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