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CTCS 466 November 29, 2007 Film: Romance and Cigarettes Intro - Gaffer to lighting technician to full fledged cinematographer working on Blood Work (Eastwood) – Tom Stern - Max Fleischer short “She reminds me of you” - Paramount had 2 important assets, in new york, hired top Broadway performers who were working in new york to shoot a short. Paramount also made a lot of musicals, and owned the rights to these songs - Took a ball and attached it to a stick, put the lyrics on a drum (cylinder), made a scroll that would expose one lyric at a time - Shot in a high contrast film - Q&A with John Turturro, John Penotti, Tom Stern and Bill Maxwell
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Unformatted text preview: -where did this come from -> when turturro was a little kid, he would eavesdrop on his mom and al her conversations, -once it was on paper, turturro, -was every song written -> -Bill – part was to fill in the blanks, put singers in, put musicians in, fill it up with music-“The beauty in the ordinary” -46 days to shoot-interested in something that was profane -budget of the film 10 mill, less than 10% went to music rights-Kate winslet surprised bill Maxwell in her musicality-Shooting it in queens, working on real locations, turturro likes it better…-...
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