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CTCS 466 September 20, 2007 Movie: “The Kingdom” Q&A with Casting Director Cathy Sandrich - Not whether its true or real, its whether it plays real to you or you believe it - Cecil B. Demille, the director who did that black and white bit with the woman actor, and 10 commandments - Casting director expected to come with lists for people’s parts - Technology now makes it so much easier to cast as you can cast from the computer with a mini dv camera - This cuts costs cuz you spread a much wider net - She has extensive files with extensive lists to see characters the could cast
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Unformatted text preview: -Technology is very goood…. Right. .-Typecasting and reverse typecasting: try to cast people in roles they might not do-Casting foreign actors: usually a list of actors that you choose from, and the can send auditions via tape but the ones in this one were from the other film “Paradise Now”-Typecasting is different every time-Often the cast is built around the main character like wih this it was built around Jamie foxx...
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