CTCS464dec6 - CTCS 464 December 5, 2007 hip hop in the...

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CTCS 464 December 5, 2007 - hip hop in the south - new York and LA have been the most prominent sites for hip hop - new york was starter, west coast came up, challenged - Southern Hip Hop, is a region more. Transcends any City. (east coast NY, west coast LA/Bay - Black Nationalism and Black power influenced hip hop culture. Black power was an urban movement, took part in urban cities - South -> civil rights movement, very different from black power movement - Point where black power movement was praised because it did not contain the traits of civil rights movement - Thought the south was weak, soft, like civil rights movement - South has been known as a region of the country where racism was much more direct and overt - Cultural politics of the south were such that it would be difficult to stage the sort of militant representation of politics that one saw in other places in the country - History of southern hip hop took place after new york had already been put on the map, and after the west coast had been put on the map - Free to develop their own style, own identitiy, south was not interested in imitating NY and LA, for this reason people have criticized the quality of southern hip hop - Southern hip hop not overtly concerned to lyrcism, evolution of southern hip hop at this point is an evolution that can refer back to its own past, as opposed to having to rely on the east coast or the west coast - Southern hip hop has become its own separate entity, not disconnected from hip hop culture, but no longer in need of east/west
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CTCS464dec6 - CTCS 464 December 5, 2007 hip hop in the...

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