CTCS464nov8 - CTCS 464 November 8, 2007 hip hop much more...

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CTCS 464 November 8, 2007 - hip hop much more than just music - conflict between east and west, pac and big - 2pac “studio gangster” – in real life, far from gangster, but in the record studio, created a persona that many people thought they were - hip hop not so much the reality, but the representation of reality - tupac born in new york, mother was part of the black panther party, who was in jail during tupac’s birth - attended the Baltimore school of performing arts, was far from a thug, did play acting with jada pinkett - “Tupac was a much better actor than rapper” - eventually moves out to the Bay Area, works as a roadie for Digital Underground - very artistically influenced, more like a poet or spoken word - with first album, had many songs on young women’s plight which broadened the spectrum - very personal in his lyrical approach, humanistic component in pac’s lyrics. He added levels, not some untouchable gangster figure, but someone on the same level as its audience - started an acting career, first film ‘Juice’, very well acted - increasingly found himself in trouble with the law, “didn’t have a record, until he made a record”, became like “Bishop” in Juice - people came to see tupac as the epitome of what was real in hip-hop - on the interscope label, albums do well, not ‘great’. By the mid nineties, a ‘star’ partly for his music, partly for his persona, partly for his notorious representation - in the midst of all this, he is charged with sexual assault. It did not hurt his persona though, it showed that he is a human being, made mistakes - while he is in jail ‘All eyez on me” is released, while he is on trial for the sexual assault case, goes to a record studio where biggie was recording, while pac is in the lobby of the studio, he is robbed, and shot. -
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CTCS464nov8 - CTCS 464 November 8, 2007 hip hop much more...

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