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CTCS 464 October 11, 2007 Influence of Scarface - Central to Scarface is cocaine, particularly crack cocaine, how in turn cocaine became a prominent component of hip hop - scarface was selling powder cocaine, drug generally used by rich people, the “in crowd” - powder cocaine was a very expensive drug, which is why it had not really reached by the lower class - Early 80’s, there was a glut in the cocaine market, an excessive amount, so the idea was to find a more cheaper but more potent version of the drug to let it spread throughout lower class communities: Crack Cocaine was developed, cocaine that one smokes instead of snorted - Users were able to buy little rocks of cocaine that were 10-20 dollars, but it was so addictive that tons of money is spent because people want its high - Many African Americans in the ghetto began to develop the economy of crack cocaine which created a societal panic - During the time of various riots and other aggresses militant moves by black power figures, many law enforcers said instead of fighting these individuals, the would just drug them - 80’s Regan is the president, last days of the cold war, Regan increased defense spending in America to an all time high that in process of trying to keep up the soviet union found itself bankrupt - Regan: “Snuffing out communist movements throughout the World” - In the country of Nicaragua, the US Government backed a group known as the Contras, at a certain point the government stopped funding them, but found an illegal way to fund - Oliver North, national security advisor, a plan was put in place to sell weapons to Iran, and with the process of those weapons they would then continue to fund the contras - But in 1979 under Ayatollah Kumeile, Iranian students captured the US Embassy and held them hostage - Iranians agreed to release, - Huge upsurge of cocaine coming out of Columbia, Medi ene cartel
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CTCS464oct11 - CTCS 464 Influence of Scarface Central to...

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