CTCS464oct18 - CTCS 464 NWA Breaks up Ice Cube goes on a...

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CTCS 464 October 18, 2007 - NWA Breaks up, Ice Cube goes on a solo career -> Westside Connection - Dr Dre leaving NWA, forming Death Row Records with Shug Knight, few years later signed 2pac, then marshal mathers, then curtis Jackson, then dre signs game - The dream of hewey Newton, that’s what im livin through the dream of eric wright(Eazy-E) that’s what im given you, jerry curl Ronald Reagan’s shoes <- important line. Shows the influence of hewey Newton from black panthers, and eazy e from nwa - Early 90’s hip hop was being attacked from the outside - Luther Campbell or Luke Skywalker, eventually became known as ‘Luke’. Started the 2 Live Crew. Florida charged them with obscenity, brought to court, eventually acquitted - Segment of society interested in bringing hip hop down - 1992, Presidential Election. Bill Clinton democratic candidate. Arsenio hall appealed to a young, urban, contemporary and more hip audience. Bill Clinton accepted an agreement to be on the arsenio hall show. George Bush said he would do the tonight show, but not arsenio hall - Clinton agrees to play his saxophone at the show, the next morning, the clip of him playing the sax was all over morning shows. No one had seen a president be that comfortable with popular culture, which benefited him a great deal in the election that year, which he won - Many people began to criticize Bill Clinton, said he was a puppet for Jesse Jackson - to prove that he wasn’t, Clinton played in some Presidential Playa Hatin - at the NAACP convention, Clinton took the lyrics of a Sista Soulja song and read them at the convention, suggested that the comments were so hateful, that he said it could be written by a KKK member, basically ended her career - Showed that he was someone that was very political and willing to say or do whatever it took to get elected, Sista Soulja was the scapegoat - Hip Hop is under attack at this time. - Ice T started another group called Body Count, heavy metal band. Made a song called “Cop Killer”. Large number of critics, law enforcement jumped up to attack Ice T. Time Warner eventually was forced to take the song off the album and time warner stated they will no longer be associated with hip hop. Fact that
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CTCS464oct18 - CTCS 464 NWA Breaks up Ice Cube goes on a...

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