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CTCS466nov15 - CTCS 464 Film"Mr Warmth The Don Rickles...

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CTCS 464 November 15, 2007 Film: “Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project” Opening - Quotes, people give prefabricated quotes to critics and ask if they would ‘say’ it - Headline quotes can be from ebert to some random town newspaper critic, both are given same asdasd - People in the film business always are doing what everyone else is doing, don’t want to break from the norm - Western Costume - As the strike goes on, the costume place which relies on it, dry cleaners rely on costume place business, fabric places rely on costume place to buy - Why people go on strike: writers aren’t getting paid for their job, studio charges for fees like distribution, when they are their own production - For decades, Disney was the only company for children - Santa Clause -> pulls off the idea of imaginary fairy w/e - Buster Keaton? -> broke into films kind of by accident working with Arbuckle, when Arbuckle moved from short to feature films, keaton sort of took his place - Buster Keaton -> One Week (Short Silent Film) - Q&A with Director John Landis, Producer Bob Engelman
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