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Unformatted text preview: A Suggested Approach to Completing Assignment Five Understanding the Underlying Purpose of Assignment 5 The Social Issues lecture and Writing 140 section that make up your SI affiliation are General Education courses. While in each affiliation certain concepts or theories are explored within the context of a particular set of social issues, these concepts in most cases should have significance and applicability to issues beyond those focused upon in any one affiliation. That wider relevance is, quite simply, what distinguishes education (and especially general education) from mere training. On this view, Assignment Five gives you an opportunity to demonstrate to yourself and to others that you can creatively and productively use concepts you have encountered within your SI affiliation in undertaking an analysis of issues having broader and more general relevance. Moreover, a key theme of Writing 140 is that writing is epistemic: writing is, in itself, a way of learning. Twenty years after you graduate, it is highly unlikely that you will recall any of the answers you gave on multiple-choice tests; what is much more likely to be retained are a few of the ideas that you put together for...
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A_Suggested_Approach_to_Writing_Assignment_Five - A...

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