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AMST 101 November 20, 2007 Social construction of Race - social, political, economic consequences of race Saito Chap 6 - Definition - Democracy + Voting - Redistricting, Census, political district, = population - Redrawing boundaries -> districts Vs Assimilation - cultural + structural integration -> society VRH 1965 Election Systems - At large elections - District elections Gerrymandering Garza vs County of Los Angeles 1990
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Unformatted text preview: Shaw vs Reno 1993 History of Alliances – Latinos + asian Americans 1903 in Oxnard Japanese Mexican labor assocation Film Race Power of an Illusion Immigration naturalization-registering to vote-vote-elect an official?-Vote meaningless?-Elect -> official-Policy ->distribution of resources -> constituency VRA 1965-register to vote-vote-excercize political power...
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