Amst_101_final_study - Professor Leland Saito Office KAP 338B 740-3604 TAs Jungmiwha Bullock Sharon Luk and Micaela Smith Fall 2007

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Professor Leland Saito. Office: KAP 338B. 740-3604. Fall 2007 TAs: Jungmiwha Bullock, Sharon Luk, and Micaela Smith AMST 101: FINAL STUDY GUIDE. Define major concepts and use examples from the lectures and readings to illustrate concepts. ( Final Exam: Tues Dec 18, 8-10am. Bring blue book ( s ) ) Rodriguez and Cordero-Guzman, Lipsitz, Saito: Social construction of race and whiteness Explain and discuss the view of race as a biological category versus a social construction. Explain the social construction of racial categories, and how these categories have social, political, and economic consequences. Define whiteness. Explain the view of racism and inequality as the result of structural discrimination versus the result of individual prejudice and actions. Gordon: Assimilation Define and explain the theory of assimilation. Define and explain: the core group, cultural assimilation, and structural assimilation. Explain the situation of African Americans according to Gordon and his assimilation theory. Saito; Films - Who Killed Vincent Chin?, The Price of Renewal
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