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AmstLectureNotes2 - Class o Position in society or relation...

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Oren Rosenbaum August 30, 2007 AMST 101- 2 nd Lecture Structure v. Agency o Class + Power Ritzer Class o Marx- Social Structure (analysis and critique of capitalism… focuses on the economics.) Argues about private ownership-means of production Profit of economic decisions Free Market Classes- Relationship of the means of production o Capitalists: Own and control means of production o Workers: Own their own labor Critical of Economic System o Weber- Overlaps/ In conversation with Marx Spent a lot of times in mental institutions Argues other institutions have their own influence on society o Religion- Can affect the economic system o Class- Economic status, wealth o Status- Prestige- Where you live, occupation o Power- Ability to achieve certain ends or goals. Theories o Power Elite v. Pluralism Relationships o Ritzer-Marx
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Unformatted text preview: Class: o Position in society, or, relation to an issue How it creates a particular kind of interest- how these interests unite? - Define them as a group. o Access- Resources, $, political power, knowledge Kornhauser: o Says: Power Elite set the agenda, and determines all the major policies of America. They have similar interests. And similary background (common way of life). Similar social origins. • People that are wealthy, and have been wealthy. PLURALISM o interest/ veto groups o the unorganized public each group has a particular set of interests and are concerned with protecting their interests and blocking others from their interests. Who gets involved in policy shifts depending on the issue Interest groups try and enlist public support....
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