AmstLectureNotes6 - Housing Discouraged sale of houses to...

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AMST 101 18/09/2007 13:09:00 Housing Sides o African-American  Los Angeles  NFHA o Lews- Culture of Poverty Suburbs-Housing o Urban Ecology Free Market o Class o Power o Political Economy o Housing o Home Mortgages 1933 House owners Load Corp (HOLC) Redlining o Rating System A  Green B… C… D  Red o Access  Home mortgage terms Sides o Shenk Rule (early 1900’s) Segregated housing, beaches etc. 
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Allowed companies to discriminate based on race Charged different prices to different races  o WWII Expanision of defense industries Migatrion of African American to LA on large scale o 1960’s Supreme Court  makes decisions declaring restrictive covenants  unconstitutional Formal Ways Restrictive segregation
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Unformatted text preview: Housing Discouraged sale of houses to minorities Neighborhood segregations Willing to deal with death threats, houses burned, vandalism Better schools, and opportunities for their children 2007 NFHA o Paired testing Black, white, and Latino couples Sent to same realtor Give Latinos, and African Americans a better economic history More employment, better credit, more money Denial of service to blacks and Latinos Better incentives to whites Steering Show different races different neighborhoods. Different amounts of homes shown Whites get better service...
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AmstLectureNotes6 - Housing Discouraged sale of houses to...

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