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AmstLectureNotes8 - status quo • Framces o Abstract...

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AMST 25/09/2007 13:07:00 Charles Murray Social Welfare policies o Profitable  short-term  destructive-long run 1950  1980 rational  choice theory Bonilla-Silva Ideologies-Frames Film Waging a Liuing Ideology o Images, concepts, premises  frameworks  represent, interpret,  understand  society Meaning  service  power Production, reinforcement 
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Unformatted text preview: status quo • Framces o Abstract Liberalism o Naturalization o Cultural Racism- C.O.P. o Minimization of racism o Ideology: Working Paper Film: Waging a living o o Bonacucha Appelbaum: garment industry Capitalism Race + Class Inequality • Film: Why Wal-Mart Works + Why that makes some people craz...
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