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Jennifer Barrager Possible Study Questions What is “social unity”? What is valuable about social unity? Give some examples. What contributes to feelings of social unity? What is “diversity”? What are different forms of diversity in our society? What is valuable about diversity? Is diversity necessarily in tension with social unity? Always? Sometimes? In what circumstances? Which philosophical models in PHIL 137 address concerns with social unity and/or diversity? Of those, which have you found the most compelling? Why? How does this model balance the needs and interests of the many versus those of the few? Does this philosophical model seem feasible to implement politically? Why or why not? Andrew De Silva If it hasn't been perused in awhile, the SI course syllabus usually does a good job of mentioning the course's major themes/concepts--and can be a good reminder of the course trajectory and the types of readings the student have done. Gray Robinson
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