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F07_A5_Stepping_Stone_Ideas - regulation this suggests a...

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Stepping-Stone Ideas COMMERCE UNITY / DIVERSITY (u): depends upon some common infrastructure: a communication system, monetary system, banks, markets (d): but markets, like horse races, depend upon differences of opinion (d): without unifying infrastructure, commerce is reduced to barter (u): monopolies are destructive forms of unity: no genuine diversity of choice (?): how does one identify and resist "monopoly" forms of unity? (?): what characterizes such unity? (!): unifying institutional forms such as markets or monetary systems must be transparent and open to disinterested
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Unformatted text preview: regulation (!?): this suggests a distinction between a: participatory diversity b: resistant diversity c: subversive diversity d: regulatory diversity participatory diversity pursues advantage in a relatively open manner that accepts risk of loss subversive diversity pursues advantage in covert manner that attemps to avoid risk resistant diversity seeks in a relatively open manner to escape or "opt out" of the unifying system regulatory diversity seeks in an open and disinterested manner to maintain fairness of system...
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