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anth200jan23 - ANTH 200 April 23 will be added in the...

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ANTH 200 January 23, 2008 April 23 will be added in the syllabus Early Thinkers o Bishop James Ussher (1581-1656): Pinpoints moment of creation as Oct. 10, 4004 B.C. o Carol von Linnaeus 1700s Taxonomy he studied the forms of organisms He was very driven by religion, was very religious He saw living things as pigeon holes that fit into a whole creation of a God He accepted animals created as they were, they did not evolve Things/ organisms did not evolve He just wanted to categorize everything there was in the world that God had created Pre-Darwinian Thinkers o Lord Buffon-1700s: Mutability of Species Prominent French thinker He argued for mutability Organisms did change George Cuvier (1769-1832): Immutability He was a naturalist But he did not specialize in one thing, Studied geology, astronomy Catastrophism he believed in this concept All creatures that existed today have always existed He thought that extinct creatures died due to Noah’s Arch o There had been one single creation o Large animals drown and died o That is why Dinosaurs died o But all the animals were created at the same time by the Creator, no evolution process *Something hit the world 65 million years ago something hit the world that was made out of meridian A modern form of Catastrophism Belgium, African (?) Noah’s arch (?) o James Hutton
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Uniformitarianism The idea that there are uniform processes that existed today The earth today is not a static place The same processes that the earth undertakes have existed in the past He was very religious, you will burn in hell if you don’t listen (his religions was pretty much very excessive) o Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) struggle for existence Was an Early version of a sociologists Some day in the future the human population might outstrip its resources, like animals in the past Proposed a struggle for survival theory
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anth200jan23 - ANTH 200 April 23 will be added in the...

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