anth200mar3 - 3/3/2008 Anthropology Apes are their own...

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3/3/2008 Anthropology Apes are their own species; they are not going to eventually become human. They do not have environmental pressures so they can exist how they are for as long as there are no other environmental pressure We are from the same ancestor; we are not evolved from them Chimpanzees Endangered species as of today Found in Africa, grassland to rainforest to grassland again (east to west of Africa) Chimp Studies: 1. Gombe (East Africa) Jane Goodall, began in 1960 Tool use, hunting, kinship bonds, “warfare”, many other studies by her students 2. Mahale Mtns. (60 miles from Gombe, East Africa) Toshisada Nishida, began 1965, Confirmed Gombe data (Goodall’s Japanese counterpart) Less known because discovered everything second, behind Goodall, and didn’t speak much English. 3. Tai (Ivory Coast, West Africa) Christophe Boesch, 1979 Stone tool use, behavior of chimps in lowland rainforest, very different from East Africa camps. 4. Kibale (Uganda, East Africa) 1987, Richard Wrangham Gombe: grassland, dry (like Santa Monica mountains), trees and bushes, streams and a lake at the bottom. Professor lived in tin house to do study. Professor studied meat eating behavior of chimps. Connect this to our ancestors, early humans Chimps are predators (similar to lions on zebras or other prey and predator relationship) Meat eating is important because
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anth200mar3 - 3/3/2008 Anthropology Apes are their own...

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