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Anthropology 3/26/08 South African veldt (sterkfontein) o Veldt = grass land, no volcanoes, different from Afar triangle thing in east Africa o Many caves, limestone under ground o Fossils are found in rock quarries, important one: Sterkfontein A.africanus o 3.5-2.5 (?) mya hard to get date cuz no volcanoes which is easier to date than limestone o Sterkfontein, Taung, Makapansgat o Raymond Dart Prof in South Africa, collected fossils, didn’t actually dig. Finds a fossil in a box (Taung Child, 1924) and Dart believed that it was a human skull, sends in an article to Nature, but they thought it was maybe ape, not human. Didn’t believe him for political reasons, and also because they didn’t want to accept that the first humans were from Africa, and because didn’t have large brain. Dart said no, human because bipedal based on foreman magnum, doesn’t have to have large brain (but back then thought early humans had big brain and quadruped, then biped) o First early human discovered, but very close to us o Also found foot bones that relate to bipedalism Louis Leakey and family: classic model for Indian Jones. Liked finding bones and other fossils. o
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anth200mar26 - Anthropology South African...

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