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avg 14 m 7 m/s. 2s x v t Δ == = Δ (g) The horizontal axis is 0 t 4 with SI units understood. Not shown is a straight line drawn from the point at ( t, x ) = (2, –2) to the highest point shown (at t = 4 s) which would represent the answer for part (f). 5. Using x = 3 t – 4 t 2 + t 3 with SI units understood is efficient (and is the approach we will use), but if we wished to make the units explicit we would write x = (3 m/s) t – (4 m/s 2 ) t 2 + (1 m/s 3 ) t 3 . We will quote our answers to one or two significant figures, and not try to follow the significant figure rules rigorously.
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