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12. (a) Let the fast and the slow cars be separated by a distance d at t = 0. If during the time interval / (12.0 m)/(5.0 m/s) 2.40 s s tL v == = in which the slow car has moved a distance of 12.0 m L = , the fast car moves a distance of vt d L =+ to join the line of slow cars, then the shock wave would remain stationary. The condition implies a separation of (25 m/s)(2.4 s) 12.0 m 48.0 m. dv =−= = (b) Let the initial separation at 0 t = be 96.0 m. d = At a later time t , the slow and the fast cars have traveled s x vt = and the fast car joins the line by moving a distance
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