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(f) The answer to part (a) is given by the slope of the straight line between t = 2 and t = 3 in this x -vs- t plot. The answers to parts (b), (c), (d) and (e) correspond to the slopes of tangent lines (not shown but easily imagined) to the curve at the appropriate points. 17. We use Eq. 2-2 for average velocity and Eq. 2-4 for instantaneous velocity, and work with distances in centimeters and times in seconds. (a) We plug into the given equation for x for t = 2.00 s and t = 3.00 s and obtain x 2 = 21.75 cm and x 3 = 50.25 cm, respectively. The average velocity during the time interval 2.00 t 3.00 s is v x t avg cm cm s s == Δ Δ 50 25 2175 300
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