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(b) Using Eq. 2-2, the magnitude of the average velocity is avg 38.1 m 5.20 m 9.02 m/s 4.80 s Dh v T ++ == = (c) In our coordinate choices, a positive sign for v avg means that the ball is going downward. If, however, upwards had been chosen as the positive direction, then this answer in (b) would turn out negative-valued. (d) We find v 0 from 2 1 0 2 y vt g t Δ= + with t = T and Δ y = h + D . Thus, () 2 0 9.8 m/s 4.80 s 5.20 m 38.1 m 14.5 m/s 24 . 8 0 s 2 hD g T v T =− = = (e) Here in our coordinate choices the negative sign means that the ball is being thrown upward. 74. (a) Let the height of the diving board be h . We choose down as the + y direction and set the coordinate origin at the point where it was dropped (which is when we start the
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