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Pre-Business Plan - ECON 106 Economics of Entrepreneurship...

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ECON 106 – Economics of Entrepreneurship Prof. Ackerberg Business Plan Project Due Thursday, June 7 th at end of class LATE PROJECTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!!! The goal of this project is to have you write up a “pre-business plan”. The key aspects of this will be 1) a preliminary general analysis of the market and product you are considering, 2) a detailed discussion of the research you would want to undertake in order to create a formal business plan (I do not want you to actually do this research, I just want you to discuss what you would do ), and 3) a discussion of possible strategies (pricing, advertising, etc.) you might use upon entering the market. Your grade will not be determined by whether I think your business idea is potentially profitable or not. It will be based on your analysis of the business idea – e.g. whether you have thought through the most important aspects of the market you are entering, whether you have a good plan for doing research, and whether the strategies you are proposing seem like reasonable ideas given the product you are considering. Because this is not a formal business plan, you should not follow the outlines of the business plans
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Pre-Business Plan - ECON 106 Economics of Entrepreneurship...

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