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101 student Gen Next 20

101 student Gen Next 20 - What example is given re this...

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Page 1 of 1 Generation Next 2.0 More General Characteristics of Gen Next-ers: How does Gen Next’ers’ relative closeness to their parents impact the values they hold? How do GN’ers feel about the idea of working at home and/or working with family members? What are “helicopter parents?” How do “helicopter parents” play their roles, as parents (what is involved)? How does having “helicopter parents” impact GN’ers’ (a) transition to full-fledged adulthood and (b) their ability to ‘make it’ on their own in the ‘real world’? What are GN’ers’ views on abortion, compared to their parents? What trend have researchers noticed re: teen pregnancy among GN’ers? The video notes that GN’ers are more open generally about their sexuality.
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Unformatted text preview: What example is given re: this sexual openness in regard to gay and lesbian GN’ers? • The video notes, GN’ers are much more technologically savvy than their parents. How much time do they spend online each week, compared to Baby Boomers? i.e. about twice as much time online as Baby Boomers. What % of GN’ers live in cell-phone-only (no land lines) households? • One GN’er, who lives in the south, now runs a weekly newspaper in his county – the Perry County Herald – his newspaper is the first in the region to publish… what type of news? What does he observe about race relations in the South today?...
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