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101 student Love, Lust & Marriage

101 student Love, Lust & Marriage - perspective on...

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Page 1 of 2 Love, Lust and Marriage: Why We Stay and Why We Stray Building blocks of the “love map” each of us (unconsciously) develops – Three stages of love – Why the “game of love” is so important – Role of non-verbal communication in partner selection – Impact of facial symmetry on perceived attractiveness – Impact of biological/neurological differences between men and women on their respective relationship goals – Impact of media (in general) and advertising industry (in particular) on our
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Unformatted text preview: perspective on sexual relationships: how these trick our minds How humans and animals differ in regard to acting on their appetites Role played by the institution of marriage in Society - The Four-Year Itch Page 2 of 2 Social Capital Four horsemen of the apocalypse Loud (screaming) fights between couples under what circumstances are these healthy? Gottmans tips on how to make relationships last...
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