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review sheet exam 2 - PSC41 Research Methods SSII09 Review...

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PSC41 Research Methods SSII09 Review Sheet for Exam 2 Creating powerful studies (Lecture 9, Ch.8 203-214) o Establishing Internal Validity o Covariation o Temporal precedence o Eliminate spuriousness Extraneous vs. Confounding variable Threats to internal validity o In the simple experiment (posttest only control design) Nonequivalent groups Because of selection bias Because of using arbitrary rules Solving the problem of nonequivalent groups Matching Balancing Random assignment Limiting population Adding prettest o In the pretest-posttest design Regression to the mean Attrition Maturation History Testing effect (‘practice’) Instrumentation o Other threats Diffusion of treatment Experimenter effect Participant effect Floor and ceiling effects Ruling out threats (i.e. extraneous vars) o The importance of Equivalent groups Manipulation check Good control group Placebo group Replication Exact Conceptual Systematic 1
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Between vs. Within designs Between-Subjects Designs Correlated groups design o Matched-pairs design Within-Subjects designs o Order Effects Practice Fatigue Treatment carryover Sensitization o Randomized Within-Subjects o Counterbalanced Within-Subjects Latin square Mixed designs The logic of hypothesis testing
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review sheet exam 2 - PSC41 Research Methods SSII09 Review...

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