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C. Fung Spring 2009 ASA 001: Long Paper For your short paper, you were asked to answer a question provided by a very focused prompt. For your long paper, you are required to come up with your own questions and answer them. I suggest that you pick something that we’ve gone over in class and explore it in greater detail. Below are some examples: How effective were the organizing strategies employed by the Filipino Labor Union? (Or some other organization?) What were the effects of internment on the Japanese American community in San Francisco? (Or some other specific location?) How are Asian Americans being racialized in the context of a more contemporary historical event? (The Virginia Tech incident, for example?) Is there another example of a homeland issue that has mobilized an Asian American community? (Politics in Taiwan, for example?) Are issues of representation raised in reactions to The Woman Warrior still relevant in Asian American literature today? How do current immigration laws affect Asian migrants? Are they based on specific notions of
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