Criteria of Adequacy

Criteria of Adequacy - Criteria of Adequacy To help others...

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Criteria of Adequacy To help others understand something we must offer a hypothesis o There are various hypothesis for a set of facts o No set of facts can refute or confirm any hypothesis So we must appeal to something besides the fact; to find the best explanation We need to appeal to criteria of adequacy o An inference is used to find which hypothesis provides more understanding. Understanding is accomplished when hypotheses unifies and systemizes our knowledge o The criteria of adequacy determines how well a hypothesis unifies and systemizes o Science try to find the best hypotheses that best meet this criteria Anthropologist Marvin Harris says scientific research formulates explanatory theories that are o Predictive (or retrodictive) o Testable or falsifiable o Parsimonious-frugal-. o Of broad scope o Integratable or cumulative within a coherent and expanding corpus of theories Testability Science seeks understanding and so it only looks at testable hypothesis
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