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editorial revised2 - Cano 1 The Right to Live Euthanasia...

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Cano 1 The Right to Live Euthanasia has been an ethical debate that has revolved around the very core meaning of what human existence is. One of the most debatable cases known about was Terri Schiavo. She was a severely brain-damaged woman who had been on life support for more than a decade. She had been in a coma, only being kept physically alive by life support machines. Her husband decided that at that point she, most likely, would never wake up and get better. So, he decided to proceed and take her off life support. However, it did not matter that this was considered a “mercy killing”, because it was plain cold-blooded murder. Terri Schiavo was in a coma, the life support was not causing her pain. It was keeping her alive with yes, maybe, a faraway hope that one day she would wake up and recover. There was still hope. So how was it justified that she later was murdered by her husband? Would you murder someone you loved? One main concept that should be explored is the difference between letting someone die and euthanasia. Letting someone die is the act of just letting the course of life take its path. However, Professor Keown, senior lecturer at the University of Cambridge, defines it as “the active, intentional termination of a patient’s life by a doctor who thinks that death is a benefit to that patient…which he foresees will shorten the patient’s life, but doing something intending to shorten the patient’s life” (qtd. in Gregory 397). There are three main reasons why euthanasia should not be legalized. First, Euthanasia is violating laws. According to our U.S. Congress, any intentional harm towards a person’s autonomy is a violation of law and thus worthy of being sent to jail. Second, euthanasia is, more than anything, morally wrong, morally unethical, and morally unscrupulous. According to religious beliefs, “God alone has [the] sovereignty over life and death” which condemns those that want to make decisions only God should take regarding the sanctity of life (Armstrong 23). In other words, people are not the sole owners of their lives
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Cano 2 because they do not belong to them, but to the Mighty God. Third, euthanasia is a deliberate action to kill a patient. Around the globe doctors are expected to heal and make patients
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editorial revised2 - Cano 1 The Right to Live Euthanasia...

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