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My personal statement - Rosario Cano Philosophy 110 Santa...

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Rosario Cano Philosophy 110 Santa Ana College Written Self-Evaluation My personal as well as my non-personal problem-solving abilities—I would suppose—are dependant upon the situation. If I feel rage, extreme happiness, or hyperactivity, then I generally pay more attention to my feelings rather than the facts. However, when I’m nervous I just don’t think about the problem at all. From my personal experiences I can say that I’m able enough to solve my personal problems. As for social problems, they generally give me headaches, and I fail to provide the needed help. I find it impossible to evaluate my various personas. So, I’ll just say that my problem-solving abilities keep on improving via the mistakes I make. When I take the initiative to identify the main problem of a situation, then I end up confused and irritated. There are so many problems that affect something or somebody; it is just so difficult to go ahead and say, “Here you go. This is your problem. If you change this then all will be well.” So, no, I do not make sure I have identified the problem; I just try to solve problems via trial-and- error. There are just so many alternatives that can solve the problem. I try as many alternatives as I possibly can. And of coarse I weight the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. I mean, I wouldn’t want to choose an alternative which will eventually give me more problems than I need. I generally try to make sure my solutions are working and are not affecting me to a grater degree. When my solutions give me more
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problems, then I go ahead and look for a less risky solution. If I find none, then I try my
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My personal statement - Rosario Cano Philosophy 110 Santa...

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