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Lipid transport note - Lipid Transport(Lodish page 429-436...

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Lipid Transport (Lodish page 429-436, 606-611, 707-809) I. Much less is known about it compared to intracellular protein transport A. Technically harder – no anti-lipid antibodies, in vitro assays are tricky and little genetics. B. Less people working on the problem and lower quality of researcher (?) C. Summary of what is known 1. Water soluble lipid precursors defuse through the cytosol to the ER; 2. In the ER, these precursors are converted by membrane associated enzymes into water-insoluble lipids such as cholesterol; 3. Lipids in the membrane or complexed with a protein are transported through the secretory pathway; 4. Lipid transport across the plasma membrane; 5. Lipoprotein excytosis; 6. Lipoprotein-lipid complex endocytosis; 7. Receptor mediated selective lipid uptake; 8. Regulation of lipid synthesis at the transcription level. II. Major membrane lipids: lipids are asymmetrically distributed in the two bilayers and in different membranes. A. Phospholipids 1. Phosphatidylcholine 2. Phosphatidyserine 3. Phosphatidylethanolamine 4. Sphingomyelin B. Cholesterol C. Glycolipids III. Fatty acid (FA) transport is regulated by cytosolic proteins that contain a hydrophobic pocket for FA binding (Lodish Fig. 10-24) A. Fatty acids are one of the major components for biomembrane, oxidization of FA in mitochondria provides energy; they are key components of phospholipids and sphingolipid. B. Unsaturated and saturated FA. C. Chemical structures of fatty acids and some of their derivates.
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Lipid transport note - Lipid Transport(Lodish page 429-436...

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