MCDB428lect18 - MCDB 428 Lecture 18: Monday February 18,...

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Lecture 18: Monday February 18, 2008 Today’s Outline Establishment of Polarized Plasma Membrane Domains Polar Growth in Budding Yeast Apical and basolateral targeting signals Experimental investigation of apical and basolateral trafficking pathways Plant Cell Organization versus Animal Cell Organization Cell Biology in the context of Development Independent rise of multicellularity in animals and plants Presence of the cell wall has profound impact on cell development Post Golgi Compartments in Animals and Plants No organization of Golgi around Centrosomes Plant Golgi do not associate with microtubules Multiple Golgi and the lack of a cis-Golgi network Golgi ministacks maintain independent TGN The Plant Cell Wall Synthesis of various plant cell wall polysaccharides Organization of cellulose and hemicelluloses in the plant cell wall How cellulose deposition controls plant cell expansion The role of cortical microtubules in cellulose deposition Plant Vacuoles Plant vacuoles play unique roles in plants The role of plant vacuoles in plant expansion Multiple trafficking pathways to different types of plant vacuoles MCDB 428
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Common Mechanisms By Which Polarity Is Established And Reinforced In Polarized Cells 1. Establishment of polarized vesicle targeting patches (asymmetric delivery of new proteins) 2. Formation of Cell—Cell contacts between ECM of
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MCDB428lect18 - MCDB 428 Lecture 18: Monday February 18,...

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