3200 midterm 08 for review 09

3200 midterm 08 for review 09 - share material or...

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share material or information with another student during the examination. I further acknowledge that if I am found guilty of v Business Law I Name AEM 3200; NBA 5600 October 2008 Midterm Exam Before beginning, write your name on this sheet and the question sheets in the spaces provided . Please answer all of the questions in the space and extra pages provided after each question. DO NOT WRITE ON THE BACK OF THE PAGES – you are expected to write concisely and answer the questions in the space provided. Be sure your exam contains all 10 pages. The questions are equally weighted so you should spend about 45 minutes on each question. This will leave you with an additional 15 minutes to review your work. NOTE THAT THIS REVIEW EXAM DOES NOT HAVE ANY EXTRA PAGES. Please read the following instructions CAREFULLY: Note that the fact patterns are long and complex so please read the questions carefully and organize your answer before you begin to write. Please write clearly. WHAT I CANNOT READ I CANNOT GRADE . The entire test is open book - you may use any materials you wish EXCEPT TAKENOTE in its original form. NO MATERIALS MAY BE SHARED. Note however that you should NOT quote either TakeNote, the text or any course materials verbatim at great length. You will not be rewarded for copying. Your reasoning in answering each question is what counts not the conclusion that you reach or the fact that you have a complete set of reference materials. FOR GRADERS ONLY 1. (33) 2. (33) 3. (34) TOTAL
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(33 points; 45 minutes) 1. Paul, a 21-year-old Cornell senior, attends a party in Collegetown where he drinks enough beer to have the alcohol affect his behavior. Rather than risk an accident or arrest, Paul leaves his car in Collegetown and walks home to his fraternity. On the way through campus, he is assaulted and robbed. When his attacker flees, Paul crawls to the nearest emergency blue light phone to call for help but when
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3200 midterm 08 for review 09 - share material or...

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