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Lec 1 - o Causality Cause&amp Effect Ball rolls...

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University of California, Berkeley Professor Kastenberg Engineering 124 Impacts of Technology on Society Engineering 124 Lecture 1 Jan. 16, 2007 The Epistemology of Technology Development o Descartes – 1637 “I Think Therefore I am” I exist because I think Everything is logical and rational Invented Analytical Geometry o Newton – 1687 Law of Universal Gravity o Newtonian-Cartesian Paradigm Start of the scientific era Atomistic – Reductionism Deterministic – Cause & Effect Subject/Object Dualism – Deductions from Empirical Observations Newtonian-Cartesian Paradigm o Reductionism Breakup into parts to become knowledgeable of the system as a whole
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Unformatted text preview: o Causality Cause & Effect Ball rolls down the hill because of gravity o Dualism Subject/Object The observer does not effect the outcome of the object o Challenged in Quantum physics where the observer actually do effect the outcome The 3 Virtues as defined by Houston Smith o Veracity Truth, objectivity o Humility Equality, fair-share and no more Just because you are rich, you are not entitled to more o Charity Golden Rule, fair-share Lecture 1 1 of 1 1/16/2007 Written By Raymond Leung...
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  • Spring '07
  • Law of Universal Gravity, Professor Kastenberg Impacts, scientific era Atomistic, Observations Newtonian-Cartesian Paradigm, rational Invented Analytical

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