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BIO202.01 general info Fall '08 08_12 Revision

BIO202.01 general info Fall '08 08_12 Revision - BIO...

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BIO 202 (SECTION 1) GENERAL INFORMATION, FALL 2008 BIO 202, Section 1 (or BIO 202.01) will be held M, W, F, 8:30-9:25 AM in Javits 100 . This is a separate course from BIO 202, Sections 2 and 3, which will be taught by a different professor, covering essentially the same material but with different exams. EXAMS IN BIO 202 SECTION 1 WILL BE BASED ON MATERIAL EMPHASIZED IN OUR COURSE. YOU MUST ATTEND OUR LECTURES, NOT THOSE IN SECTION 2 OR 3, OR YOU WILL NOT BE PREPARED FOR THE EXAMS. BIO 202, with BIO 201 and BIO 203, make up a three-semester series on Principles of Biology. The three courses may be taken in any order. In BIO 202, living systems are treated from a molecular, cellular, and genetic point of view, with a focus on the relationship between structure and function. CHE 129, 131, or 141 is a pre- or co- requisites for BIO 202. Satisfactory entry-level math proficiency is required. To add or drop the course, contact the Course Administrator, Ms. Lopez ([email protected]) . LECTURERS: Prof. Vitaly Citovsky (VC) LSB 414; 2-9534; [email protected] Office hours: Any time (also can call or e-mail to schedule) Prof. Deborah Brown (DB, COURSE DIRECTOR) LSB 416; 2-8563; [email protected] Office hours: Wed. and Thurs. Fri, 12-1 (or email to schedule) STAFF: Ellen Lopez, Course Administrator; G-04 Biology Learning Labs; 2-8543; [email protected] (add/drops, grades and regrades, Blackboard access) Diane Pauciullo, Course Administrator; G-05 Biology Learning Labs; 2-8171; [email protected] (absences, regrades) PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL ADMINISTRATIVE REQUESTS (such as adding/dropping the course, Blackboard access, etc.) should be addressed to Ms. Lopez or Ms .
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