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1 Student Version — Rubric for Lab 3 Assignments f Resources Hypothesis Development: LIFE —pp. 13-16, Knisely—pp. 2-5, and Massimo Pigliucci—pp. 127-134 Writing: Knisley: A Student Handbook for Writing, SBU edition Statistics: Taylor & Taylor: Catch Up Math and Statistics for the Life Sciences f Total Points 50 pts = Hypothesis per group (10 pts) + Methods-Results individual (40 pts) Point Breakdown for (Group) Hypothesis Testing in Lab Notebook (10 points) 5 points: Devise a hypothesis about an animal’s structure , function , or behavior 5 points: Propose an experiment or set of observations to test hypothesis Point Breakdown for (Individual) Methods and Results on the Isopod Experiments (40 points) Due Week of Oct. 13 th 10 points: Methods – see Knisely pp. 32-36 30 points: Results – see Knisely pp. 36 - 51 Written 20 Table 10 Include all of the following data Standard Experiments – Group and Class Data Wet vs. Dry Habitat Preferences Moisture Source Preference
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