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Paragraph 2 - I try to always be conscious of what I say...

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Danielle Kim Gustafson AMST 301g 8-30-09 Paragraph #2 “To me, the most important doorway into the soul of a person is her or his words, or any other external communication device…I supposed that words could also be the doorway into the soul of a culture.” Anna Deavere Smith “Talk to Me” This sentence really speaks to me. I have always wondered about souls and whether people have them or not. This sentence speaks the truth about how the “real” part of a person is his or her own words.
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Unformatted text preview: I try to always be conscious of what I say and how it affects other people. I tend to take things too personally, so I would not want someone else to misinterpret my own words. In my mind, I believe everyone has a soul and with it a soulmate. Words of a country truly do represent the culture of that country. When Obama speaks to other countries, he speaks for the United States as a whole. The same goes for other public figures from the United States....
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