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Paragraph 3 - It amazes me how business people can charge...

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Danielle Kim Gustafson AMST 301g 9-2-09 Paragraph #3 “Watts—Little Rome” by Sonora McKeller is an insightful view of Watts in 1967. I never realized things like hiking up the prices in poor neighborhoods existed. It describes how people moved “to prey on the people of Watts.” I have never really thought about transportation being an issue to get things like groceries, but I’ve also never lived in a poor neighborhood.
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Unformatted text preview: It amazes me how business people can charge three times the price that people could find outside of Watts. In my mind, this is a crash of society if people are scamming other people out of their money. Another crash of Watts was police harassing Negro and Mexican citizens. Police officers are supposed to protect and serve the community not scare and hurt it’s citizens....
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